Sisters Gym Project

Sisters Gym Project

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Announcement      Published: Wed, Feb 7, 2018

Job Opportunity

Essalam Elykom Werehmetollah Weberekatoho,

Dear Community, 

Al-Hikmeh Institute, After-School program has the following openings:-

1- Two Arabic Teachers for different levels, six hours a week, Wednesday & Friday (6-8 pm), Sunday 11:30 am -1:30.

2- One Qur'an's Teacher with proficiency of the Tejwid rules. six hours a week, Wednesday, Friday (6-8 pm), Sunday 11:30 am -1:30.

3- Cleaning Lady; six Hours a week Thursday & Sunday.

If you are qualified or have confident of your learning ability, we will train.

Please contact :- 

Shiekh Mahmoud Jawhar at (717)608-5532 

Amneh Atiyeh at (717) 979-2006





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