Announcement      Published: Sat, Apr 10, 2021

Taraweeh Prayers @ ICP - 2021

Assalaam Alaikum Dear Community Members,

This is to announce that we will have taraweeh prayers this year insha Allah at ICP premises. Taraweeh prayers will most likely start from April 12th, 2021 insha Allah depending on moon citation for the month of Ramadan.

Taraweeh prayer will start immediately after Isha prayer and will be lead by local youth hafiz under supervision of our current Imam and previous year hafiz. Insha Allah, we will perform prayer outside if weather permits otherwise inside the masjid and multi-purpose hall.

Please follow these new rules to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all members:-

1. Please stay home if you are sick, have any serious health issues, have sore throat, cough or any symptoms related to COVID-19 or flu.

2. Maximum capacity is 150.

3. All (men, women and kids) are invited however baby sitting is not available.

4. Highly encourage all to register ( for taraweeh prayers. Temperature will be monitored.

5. Must come with mask and wear it all time (No Exceptions).

6. Must come with wudu.

7. Must bring your prayer rug (No Exceptions).

8. No food is allowed inside or outside the masjid.

9. Keep social distance.

Please write to for any questions.

Jazak Allah Khair


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