Committee Detail

Published: Thu, Jan 4, 2018 11:07 am

Board of Directors

This committe comprises of all the members from the board of directors.


Responsible for operating the mosque as a 501c organization.  These include fiduciary responsibilites and major financial decision.   Also responsible for drafting, maintenance and implementation of the By-Laws and working with the Shura as the main advisory committee.

Committee Member(s):


Wajih Ahmed
Board Member & Vice-President


Hamid Mahzol
Board Member


Rabia Sbaiti
Board Member


Mahmoud Jawhar
Board Member & Imam


Rashed Shukri
Board Member


Khader Shaik
Board Member & President

Please reach out to the committee members only when you are in need. For any urgent matters please try to call them over the phone. Please respect their privacy.