Action Items - Advancing your career while preserving faith

As'Salaamu Alaiykum - 

Masha'Allah, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein touched on many aspects of how to advance our career while not compromising our faith. Here are the 9 action items that he mentioned,

Seek and strive for Ihsaan in what you do.

  • Always do your best in everything you do, and eventually, things will become easy for you.

  • Those organizations that sideline people indirectly based on their faith and other aspects won't have a choice but to make concessions if you are the best at what you do.

  • Always distinguish yourself in what you do and people will then find ways to adjust.

  • Sheikh gave an example of the commentators and such make mistakes in pronouncing some of the famous basketball players at the beginning of their career. Once they become the stars these commentators don't have a choice but to pronounce their names correctly even when they couldn't naturally.

Hold yourself accountable but don't become crippled by your mistakes.

  • Consistently hold yourself accountable, never give up.

  • Don't let one mistake drag you down from advancing forward.

  • Learn from those mistakes and commit to not making those mistakes again but never get crippled by those mistakes.

  • Good deeds encourage you to do more good deeds.

Don't become a weirdo, be yourself.

  • Every one of us has our own personality.

  • Be yourself, and laugh a little when needed.

  • In workplaces, don't suppress yourself on matters that don't jeopardize our faith.

No separation of church and state.

  • We tend to have Masjid friends and work friends and we become 2 different personalities in front of them.

  • Be a bit more consistent on matters that don't jeopardize our faith.

Being open to change and growth.

  • When we look forward to advancing, we should be open to change as well.

  • Change for the right cause.

Finding mentors - especially for the youth.

  • Find the right mentors, spend time with them to develop personal relationships with them.

  • Many of our youth problems shall be addressed early on if they have proper mentors to reach out to.

Be consistent and do the small things.

  • Part of advancement is to do one small change/improvement at a time.

  • For example, strive to do 1 extra good deed a day, and keep it consistent.

  • Smaller changes are easy to be consistent with.

  • Establish a baseline with your Ibadath and keep it consistent with the baseline.

Being pleased with the Qadr of Allah.

  • Have a strong belief in the decree of Allah.

  • Don't get discouraged with disappointments in your endeavors.

Keeping track of small wins and advancements.

  • Never ignore the small wins, however small it is.

  • It makes you become more aware of the favors and blessings of Allah.

Jazakum'Allahu Kh'airan to Sheikh Muhammad Hussein for sharing these beautiful action items.

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