Description of Jannah - Notes from the lecture at ICP by Shaykh Furhan Zubairi

Allah describes Quran as Huda, a book of guidance. He also calls Qur'an a Noor, the light. A Shifa'. A powerful reminder. Rahmah - as a mercy to mankind.  

Al-Qur'an also reminds us of the life of this world. The life of this world is a brief enjoyment. It's the hereafter that's the everlasting.

All the pleasures of this world are very little. It doesn't even last a while. A new phone comes out, we are all so excited for the new tech, but that wears off in a matter of days/hours. Most of these worldly pleasures are of very little. The pleasures in the Hereafter are infinite.

Life in this world is nothing but diversion and amusement. Home of the hereafter is everlasting, and Allah says, only if they understand. That's a profound statement, He knows that humans would have a hard time understanding what Jannah is, and that's the reason He repeated in many places with the suffix, "only if they understand".

Don't be fooled by the life of this world. We are simply travelers, in this world.

Our final destination is Jannah. That's our main objective.

None of the worldly work should take you away from worshipping Allah. Prioritize your work around the worship of Allah.

Jannah is a place where we enjoy infinite joy and pleasures.

Jannah is prepared for the people of Taqwa.

Jannah is beyond human imagination. Our minds are limited. We really can't comprehend the grandeur of Jannah. We'll be completely mesmerized by the beauty of Jannah.

No eye has ever seen before. Sounds no ear has ever heard before. No human being has ever even imagined it. Allah said He prepared Jannah for His righteous servants.

Jannah is infinitely more beautiful.

Allah gives some glimpse of Jannah throughout Qur'an.

For example, about the gates of Jannah. Those who are mindful of Allah will be led to paradise in successive groups. When they arrive their gates will be open. Angels will say "peace be upon you". "Salaamun Alaykum". You have done well, come on in and stay for eternity.

There are different gates of Jannah, for example:
- Gate of Salah
- Gate of Jihad
- Gate of Charity
- Gate of Ar-Rayyan (for those who fast)

Jannah is for people of Taqwa.

Performing proper Wudu and making Dua after Wudu unlocks all gates of Jannah. After Wudu say "Ashhadu an lailaaha illAllah, Wa'ash hadu Anna Muhammadan abduhu wa Rasooluhu". All gates of Jannah will be open for us.

Prayer is the most important obligation to Allah after faith.

Jannah is a sparking light, something that mesmerizes, and draws our attention.

Bricks of Jannah are made of gold and silver. Its mortar is made of musk.

Allah said, give glad tidings to those who believe (Iman).

Jannah has vibrant color fruits that humans can't even imagine. There'll be beautiful gardens much prettier than what you could ever see in this world. Rivers of a different kind flows through it.

Rivers of pure unchanging milk.
Rivers of wine that are delicious to drink.
Rivers of pure honey.
They are not the rivers of this world.

The initial audience of the message of Islam are the Arabs. Gardens and rivers were shown as an example by Allah to give them a picture of the pleasures of Jannah. It was meant to appeal to us as human beings, so we desire to be there.

All these are promised for the people of Taqwa. Those who believe and do righteous deeds.

People at times go off the straight path, they are going to be held accountable. Regardless of what they've done, they can always seek forgiveness. Repent sincerely and Allah will forgive.

Mix Iman with righteous deeds, belief with actions.

Jannah is for eternity.

We are limited by time and space. Jannah is forever. Human minds can't comprehend the infiniteness of Al-Jannah.

In Jannah, you'll never hear any useless talk. Only greetings of peace. Contentment and happiness.

We'll visit one another in amazing gatherings. And we'll remember the bounties of Allah in those gatherings. There'll be no envy in our hearts. We'll have unique conversations.

Whatever food and drink you want are provided, morning and evening.

If you want a house in Jannah, participate in establishing Masajid... that's one way. Whatever you can contribute, even if it's a little to construct House of Allah, Allah will build a beautiful house for you in Jannah.

A space in paradise is larger than this world and everything within it.

There are only 2 places we can go after death. We all have to soon leave. This world is never a permanent place for us.

Every single soul is going to taste death. You'll be given your full reward on the day of judgment.

Work hard, Allah wants us to put forth the best effort. So try our best.

Truly successful in the eyes of Allah has nothing to do with the material definition of success. Allah's definition of success is, us protected from hellfire and entering Jannah. That's the true definition of success. Do whatever it takes in this life so we are "successful" according to the definition of our Creator.

In the Q&A session, "Reflecting on the names of Allah" is a great book Shaykh mentioned to teach kids about Allah.

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