Committee Detail

Published: Sun, Nov 21, 2021 6:27 pm


This committe comprises of all the members from the management.


Responsibilities includes planning all activities, execution, overseeing and maintaining the mosque to run as a 501c organization.  This includes all religious, educational, community support activities, sports and also include fiduciary responsibilites and major financial decision.   Also responsible for drafting, maintenance and implementation of the By-Laws and working with the Shura as the main advisory committee.

Committee Member(s):


Hamid Mahzol
Board Member


Khader Shaik
Board Member & President


Faisal Ahmed
Vice Secretary


Omar Alatar


Shahul Hameed
Vice President


Arif Siddiqui


Taha Adeseun

Please reach out to the committee members only when you are in need. For any urgent matters please try to call them over the phone. Please respect their privacy.