Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about OneMasjid,

How a Masjid really benefits using OneMasjid?

Maintaining a quality online presence is a daunting challenge for most of our Masjids. OneMasjid wanted to make it easy for any Masjid,

  • to connect with their community better.
  • to help maintain a quality website without any technical knowledge.
  • to help maintain quality mobile apps (iOS and Android) that enable the Masjid to reach the community from wherever they are.

How the community benefits using OneMasjid?

By visiting high-quality Masjid websites where appropriate information are all listed out in a consistent manner, and following the Masjids of their interest the community can easily get to know everything that happens at their Masjid and stay in better touch with their Masjids. And also by using the OneMasjid mobile app (both iOS and Android) the community can connect with their Masjids from wherever they are, and with push notifications to their phones the community can get to know and interact with their Masjids better, insha'Allah.